Code NO Product Description
2101 WD DERUST-640 A citric, phosphoric acid based rust remover and soak
2103 SCALE-2 A premium blended acid descaler and smut remover. Also for cleaning cooling tower coils, heat exchangers, condensers
2104 ALUKLIN-I Blended acid brightener for aluminum di-casting & alloy
2105 ALUKLIN-II Blended acid aluminum brightener for sheet metal
2106 S.S.CLEANER Cleaner and brightener for stainless steel surfaces.
2107 ACID PH BALANCE For neutralizing alkaline solutions prior to disposal – will lower pH.
2108 SCALE KILL-HL Inhibited scale and rust remover.
2124 WD DERUST 126 An acidic Degreaser, solvent blend for removing light grease, flux, rust, oxides and heat scale frommetals, prior to subsequent treatment.