Product Description
META PHOS-FE P Powdered cleaner and phosphates for ferrous surfaces.
META PHOS-FE Liquid cleaner and phosphates for dip, spray or steam applications.
Blackening Compound Highly oxidizing salt to form hot dip dark black coating on ferrous metal good for corrosion protection as well as aesthetic finish.
PRE TREATMENT SOLUTION Surfactant blends to boost cleaning, RUST REMOVAL & phosphatizing compounds.
PTS (S) Clean & rust remover forms a uniform, dense zinc phosphate coating that serves as an excellent paint base.
Meta Phos-DRP Remove light oil, grease, rust and form iron phosphate. Economical in use
META PHOS-GAL Will clean and phosphatize multi-metal substrates, like galvanized, aluminum during pressure washing and steam cleaning applications – light soil removal etc
META PHOS-MC Light zinc calcium modified accelerated hot dip phosphate suitable for paintbase. Class B/C, 250-400 mg/sq.ft
META PHOS-K Highly effective, low-temp. zinc phosphate. Coating wt.150-300 mg/sq.ft
META PHOS-ZX Heavy zinc unaccelerated hot dip phosphate, produce tight heavy coating
META PHOS-111 Manganese phosphate produces dark gray-black phosphate coating suitable for wear and tear as well as corrosion resistance coating. Class A2grade
SEAL & RUST PREVENTATIVE A premium polymer seal to maximize paint adhesion and salt spray
PASSIVATION Chrome 3rd & 6th salt solution for sealing after Phosphating
PASSIVATION-NC Non-chromic sealing with a corrosion inhibitor for use after phosphatizing.
ACCELERATOR Oxidizing salt used for Phosphating bath.
Meta Chrome-GL Single dip fast acting cold dip chrome conversion golden-yellowcoating on aluminium.
META CHROME-BL Single dip fast acting cold dip chrome conversion Blue-green coating on aluminium
BRIGHT DIP-CU Acidic cleaner for copper and Brass. Gives bright cleaning.