SHREE SAI AGENCY is into the field of manufacturing of Eco-friendly metal working fluids (cutting oils , rust preventive oils , rust removers , Paint Stripper ) Surface Treatment Chemicals , water based rust inhibitors , Engine coolant , Industrial washing media , water treatment chemicals, surface Pre Treatment and allied chemicals and related services for use in Bonderising and Parkerising.Our organization is controlled and managed professionally by people who are well qualified and have vast experience in the field of metal pre treatment. SHREE SAI AGENCY manufactures a wide range of high quality pre treatment chemicals for ferrous, non ferrous and plastic parts. We have successfully developed self-accelerated Zinc phosphate chemical solution for wire/tube drawing. The coating meets the Indian standard specification IS-3618-1966.

Eco-friendly , Optimum performance, effective cleaning, minimal maintenance, high quality, low cost and easy usage are all guiding objectives in development of our whole range of solution based chemicals. We strive to produce quality chemicals with consistency and to provide tailor made solutions to our customers for surface preparation for bonderising and parkerising.

We at SHREE SAI AGENCY strongly believe in ethical aspects of relationships with our clients.We endeavour to optimally utilize our resourses to the delight of our customers.We strive to develop products in accordance with clients specification and requirements and also render excellent technical service, an important feature of this service oriented industry.

SHREE SAI AGENCY is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana and has subsidiaries in 3 names as M/s SUNTEC ENTERPRISES (FARIDABAD, HARYANA), M/s MAHEDEV FIBERS (UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN).

We provide all technical support to our clients including process design, tailor made product development operator training and trouble shooting. Our technical staff is friendly, efficient and extremely dedicated to solving customer’s problem.

We at SHREE SAI AGENCY are committed to produce quality chemicals at affordable costs. Ongoing product testing and evaluation allows us to develop customized. All specifications and testing status are offered with each batch manufactured. All powder and liquid blends are checked and approved to meet highest quality standards in our laboratory before packaging and dispatch. Our products incorporate extensive Research and Development. We have successfully developed Tri-Cation Pre-Treatment System for phosphating that works at low temperature and can give cost saving to the tune of 20-25%.We also have Chrome Free Sealing systems that are eco friendly.

Virtually all metal parts and many plastic parts have some finish done to them. To enhance the effectiveness of finish, no matter what the substrate/ coating is, parts must be clean. But parts that will be finished with organic coating such as paint or powder, they need a surface pre treatment. This is commonly referred to as Phosphating and is technically called Conversion Coating.

CONVERSION COATING is the process whereby a non metallic, non conductive and insoluble crystalline phosphate coating is chemically produced on iron/steel/aluminium surfaces by reaction of metal surface with phosphating reagent.

Primary reasons why this is done are:-
Increases die life by about three time as compared to drawing of unphosphated wire/tube.
Machining hours lost through stoppages or die replacement are reduced substantially.
Reduction in breakage of wire/tube and increase drawability.
• Promoting paint adhesion.
• Reduces part coating interactions (providing stable inert base for further coating)
• Surface preparation before metal forming though cold extrusion ( like wire drawing, tube drawing etc.)
• Provides a base for rubber/ plastic coating
• Improves corrosion resistance mainly by establishing stable substrate for oil, wax application.

CONVERSION COATINGS are typically iron and zinc phosphate. How ever in case of aluminium chromate conversion coatings are applied due to their corrosion resistance properties, visible coating, ease of application, low cost and ability to bond paint and other organic finishes. These conversion coatings are achieved through a pre treatment process that will involve cleaning of the substrate, appropriate rinses, coating achieved by reaction and then seal rinse for better corrosion performance and finally, optionally DI rinse. Being a conversion coating, phosphating can be accomplished by immersion or spraying. Parts may be immersion coated in tumbling barrel as such or by racking method and where parts are too large for this barrel process/ rack application, they may be treated by spray method while on conveyor system.

We can answer all your queries related to quality, cost and environment. Our technical staff can help you choose combination of products and best process layout as per your requirements. We guarantee solutions to all your surface treatment requirements and can train your staff to enhance quality and productivity. For all your requirements, you may get in touch with the undersigned with no obligations.

We solicit your patronage and request you to kindly consider us for approval as your vendor for pre treatment and allied chemicals in your esteemed organization. We assure you of best of our products and services to your entire satisfaction. We also assure you of cost and operational efficiencies through use of our technical expertise that will boost your process.